(* 1985)
The attention in my work is on the genesis and transformation of Life as I seek beyond merely portraying cyclic forms of change; each artwork is by itself a living formation undergoing visible and invisible processes as the materials interact in their capacities of physical and symbolic reactivity with one another.
In my interaction with my works, I aspire to that art is considered purposeful and valuable in itself because it constitutes and is constituted by our lived lifes, which to me captures the cyclic, ever-changing essentials of Life as purposeful and valuable for itself – irrespective of its changing appearances. 
As varieties of substances are added to the raw canvas surface, they interact in indeterminate ways; a demonstration that each molecule possesses individual qualities that reacts with others in a alchemist purification process. The artworks become living witnesses of the alchemist ennobling of cyclic transformation as the physical reactions of substances continuously manifest themselves in ephemeral plays of color and shape.
I find inspiration in Dove Bradshaw’s conceptualism, her positioning of herself as midwife to nature as she experiments with metamorphic processes of indeterminacy, and her embracing of ephemerality. I am also dedicated to the works of abstract expressionists and their fascination with unconventional ideas, materials and mental symbols.
Thanks to Mia Hartmann

Aske Sigrud Kraul
phone + 45 313 21 942
Atelier Under,  Roskilde, Denmark. 

Aske Sigurd Kraul (*1985)


2007-08 assistent hos Galleri Specta v/ Else Johansen pederskamsgade, Kbh 
2008-10 BGK midt og vest v/ Heine Skjerning og Henrik Miklos Andersen 
2004 - 14 Assistent for kunstner Majbritt Boa på udvalgte projekter og udstillinger 
2010 - 20 Formand for Atelier Under, Roskilde 

2011 Galleri Labr, gruppeshow, Roskilde, DK
2016 - 17 enetimer hos Erik Steffensen, Kunstner.
2017  On View 8 + guest, Stalke Collection, v/ Sam Jedig, Kirke Sonnerup DK
2017  On View 9 + guest, Stalke Collection, v/ Sam Jedig, Kirke SonnerupDK
2017  On View 10 + guests, Stalke Collection, v/ Sam Jedig, Kirke SonnerupDK
2017 Stalke Out Of Space, curateret af Mia Hartmann og Sam Jedig, Kirke SonnerupDK
2018 Emborium, curateret af CuriusPlace curators, Godsbanen, Århus, DK
2018 Transience and Transformation, curateret af Othergrounds, Meinblau, Berlin, DE
2018  On View 12 + guests, Stalke Collection, v/ Sam Jedig,Kirke Sonnerup DK
2019 set design, Harpiks, Zentropa, Shiso Studio, DK
2019 Nature, Galleri KBHKUNST, gruppeusatilling, København, DK
2019 Stalke Out of Space Cube, popup udstilling sammen med Dove Bradshaw, 
kurateret af Sam Jedig, KIKshh, Roskilde, DK
2019 Co-incidence, groupshow with a solo part of Aske Sigurd Kraul, Galleri Stalke, Kirke Sonnerup, DK
2020 MNLSM II, groupshow, Cologne, DE
2020 OnView 14 + guests, Stalke Collection, v/ Sam Jedig, Kirke Sonnerup, DK
2020 carte blanche, groupshow, Galerie Bisenbach, Cologne, DE

2020 Positions Artfair, with Galerie Bisenbach, Berlin, DE

2017-  Stalke Collection
2017-19 Other Grounds (Berlin), kuratorprojek
2018-19 RethinkingMatters, Århus.

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